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Through my life I have experienced child abuse, bullying, child loss, divorce & domestic violence. I am able to experience joy today and the completeness in my life due to God's grace and forgiveness. I want to share this freedom with the world. Specifically those seeking a radical transformation and encounter with Him.   

“I have swept away your offenses like a cloud, your sins like the morning mist. Return to me, for I have redeemed you.” Isaiah 4:22

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Join my Private Facebook Group - Redeemed Workshops & Retreats! This is a space for you to be informed on our upcoming gatherings. You will also be able to interact with other individuals that want to pray for you and fellowship with you via this group. Community is an intricate part of your journey with God.

Motivational & Keynote Speaking

Are you looking for an inspiring, humorous and life impacting experience for your next youth conference, parent & teacher gathering or support group?

Perhaps you're a corporation that wants to instill faith in your team. I am able to also share and motivate your team to serve more and thrive while doing so.



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Workshops & Retreats

Experience God’s healing power by attending one of our workshops and retreats. You will get the opportunity to fellowship with others in the process of overcoming their past in a therapeutic and spiritual environment. Always led by a licensed clinical therapist, pastors, yoga instructors & many other therapeutic experts.
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"Jessica is an empathic, positive force."

What I appreciate about Jessica is her warmth, the ability to speak clearly what is on her mind and heart in ways that connect with others. She has a love of God, life, family, and friends. Jessica has a strong dedication to others. Over the years Jessica has continued to offer support to me in numerous ways and I consider her an important friend. I have admired her professionally for many years and can recommend her without hesitation. -Eddie Cruz

"Everything she puts her mind and heart into is guided by her faith and relationship with god"

Motivating and guiding others comes naturally to her. She finds strengths in others especially strengths that they may not see in themselves. She also brings hope and wisdom to those she touches with her words. Having her join you in your journey will help provide you with the guidance and support you need. - Cristina Oliver

"Now more than ever (actually... as always) the world needs the word of the Lord and your inspiration will be a guiding light for many. "

You were instrumental in guiding us at CGCC in growing and believing in our purpose as well. I believe this is what you will provide for many... and so much more... as the instrument of the word of the Lord will be extremely powerful in creating change in the lives of those you touch. - Lucy Fernandez-Silveira

"I respect and admire how Jessica lives in this belief and her trust in God."

I admire and gain strength and hope from her. It is amazing to see how when we believe that God is doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves and not doing for us what we can, there is success in connecting with God and with others. There are many organic rewards along the way even if we do not see them as rewards at the time. It is in that faith and hope that as we look back can see God’s hand in our lives. -Ana Moreno